The 5 Best Law Schools in France in 2023

We invite you to discover in this article our selection of the 5 best law schools in France in 2023 for French, European and foreign students.

Indeed, if you want to study in France and study law, you must first have an idea of ​​the best French law schools in 2023.

Moreover, France is one of the best European destinations to study law.

A law school is an educational institution whose purpose is to train students in the fields of justice.

It brings another vision of law than universities and mainly offers preparatory or specialized master’s training.

In addition, it allows students to work within companies, magistrates or even regulatory bodies.

Often, law schools also have a strong international outlook.

Besides, you should know that the top law schools are very selective.

Indeed, to be able to access it, you must pass an entrance examination.

It should also be noted that the selection of students generally takes place between the months of March and June of each year.

Each school is free to organize its selection.

However, some events come up fairly regularly.

For example :

  • Current events : in the form of MCQs, questions to be developed
  • A writing test : either in the form of an article or free speech
  • The modern language test : written or oral
  • The interview: knowledge, motivation, professional…

Law studies are organized into three cycles:

  • The first 3-year cycle: Bachelor’s degree in law.
  • The second cycle of 2 years: Master’s degree in law.
  • Finally the third cycle of 3 years: Doctoral degree in law.

This is also why we advise you first of all to have an idea of ​​​​the best French law schools .

The 5 best law schools in France

In this part, you will discover the 5 best French law schools :

  1. The great right school of Paris
  2. Orleans Law School
  3. The Sorbonne Law School
  4. Advanced Applied Law Studies
  5. Preparation for the Grandes Ecoles of Law


So, to conclude our article on French law schools , we have identified for you the 5 best law schools in France .

Indeed, French law schools are increasingly renowned for the quality of the education they offer.

In addition, before leaving to study in France , you must know all the options offered, namely the  best French law schools .

Thus, if one of these French law schools interests you, we advise you to contact them for more information on the following points:

  • Pre-registration dates
  • Registration dates
  • Cost of university studies in France
  • The terms of the competitions
  • etc..

So, do not hesitate to contact the law school of your choice for any requests for additional information.

In addition, you should note that generally, French law schools require several documents when applying for registration.

Thus, the two most important documents are your CV and your cover letter.

Indeed, to help you prepare your CV and cover letter, we suggest that you consult the following two sections:

In addition, and as a bonus, we suggest that you read our article on online student jobs , in which we have gathered for you nearly 20 ways to make ends meet as a student!

Finally, you should also know that some universities can allow you to study in France for free via scholarships in France .

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