The 10 Best Universities in Spain in 2022

We are going to present to you in this article, the 10 best universities in Spain in 2022 for Spanish, European and foreign students.

Indeed, if you want to study in Spain , you must first have an idea of ​​​​the best Spanish universities .

By the way, you should note that the university system in Spain includes more than 45 universities, namely:

  • Public universities in Spain
  • Private universities in Spain

All these universities in Spain offer hundreds of study specialties in all fields.

Moreover, Spanish universities are considered to be among the best universities in Europe .

Moreover, several thousand foreign students choose Spain for their higher education.

Indeed, each year, you find several Spanish universities that appear in the university ranking sites.

So, in this article, you will find the best universities in Spain  in the year 2022.

So, we are going to use the “  QS World University Rankings ”.

Indeed, the QS World University Rankings is an annual ranking of universities published by Quacquarelli Symonds .

This ranking is one of the most reputable and well-known rankings.

Moreover, the rankings of the best universities in Spain generally include public universities in Spain .

It is better that you have an idea about the best universities in Spain to choose the study program of your choice.

Otherwise, the ranking of these universities is based on their national and international ranking.

Thus, in each of these Spanish universities presented in this article, you will find the following information:

  • The rank of the university in Spain.
  • The rank of the university in the world
  • The region where the university is located
  • And finally the official website of the university

So, let’s discover together the 10 best universities in Spain for the year 2022!

Best 10 Universities in Spain

In this part, you will discover the 10 best Spanish universities in 2022 according to the QS ranking, namely:

  1. University of Barcelona
  2. Autonomous University of Madrid
  3. The Autonomous University of Barcelona
  4. Complutense University of Madrid
  5. Pompeu Fabra University
  6. University of Navarre
  7. IE University
  8. Politècnica de Catalunya University BarcelonaTech
  9. Carlos III University of Madrid
  10. The Politècnica University of Valencia

1. University of Barcelona

  • Rank in Spain: 1
  • Rank in the world: 168
  • City: Barcelona
  • Official website:

2. Autonomous University of Madrid

  • Rank in Spain: 2
  • Rank in the world: 207
  • City: Madrid
  • Official website:

3. Autònoma University of Barcelona

  • Rank in Spain: 3
  • Rank in the world: 209
  • City: Barcelona
  • Official website:

4. Complutense University of Madrid

5. Pompeu Fabra University

  • Rank in Spain: 5
  • Rank in the world: 248
  • City: Barcelona
  • Official website:

6. University of Navarra

7.IE University

  • Rank in Spain: 7
  • Rank in the world: 317
  • City: Segovia
  • Official website:

8. Politècnica de Catalunya University BarcelonaTech

9. Carlos III University of Madrid

10. Politècnica University of Valencia

  • Rank in Spain: 10
  • Rank in the world: 371
  • City: Valencia
  • Official website:


Thus, to conclude our article on the best Spanish universities , we have identified for you the 10 best universities in Spain  according to the latest QS 2022 ranking.

Indeed, according to this ranking, you can notice that the first 6 universities are in the top 300 of the best universities in the world.

Moreover, this ranking of the best Spanish universities can only justify the quality of higher education in Spain.

So, do not hesitate to contact the university of your choice for any requests for additional information.

In addition, you should note that generally, Spanish universities require several documents when applying for registration.

The two most important documents are your CV and your cover letter.

To help you prepare your CV and cover letter, we suggest that you consult the following two sections:

In addition, and as a bonus, we suggest that you read our article on online student jobs , in which we have gathered for you nearly 20 ways to make ends meet as a student!

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