The list of 50 types of Grande Ecole in France in 2023

We invite you to find in this article the list of the 50 types of Grande Ecole in France in 2023.

In France, a Grande Ecole is a higher education establishment which recruits its students by competition and provides high-level training.

The Grandes Ecoles in France are distinguished by:

  • A strong selection of students at the entrance.
  • The high level of their diplomas.

In this article, we will focus on the following aspects:

  • What is a Grande Ecole in France?
  • The types of the great schools of France.
  • The list of schools in France of some type.

We invite you to discover the complete list of 361 universities in France , public and private.

According to the  Ministry of National Education , a  Grande Ecole  is “a higher education establishment which recruits its students by competition (written and oral) and provides high-level training. »

20% of foreign students follow a course in the Grandes Ecoles. Ecoles Normales Supérieures (ENS), Institutes of Political Studies (IEP), engineering schools, business schools, etc.

These Grandes Ecoles are public or private higher education establishments recognized by the State.

They issue bac+5 level diplomas, some of which confer the grade of Master. Many courses are delivered in English.

Admission to the Grandes Ecoles is very selective. It is done by competition after two years of preparatory class, on title or directly after the baccalaureate for schools that offer an integrated preparatory cycle.

The cost of registration and application fees is higher there than at the university in France .

The list of 50 types of Grande Ecole in France in 2023

In addition to their selectivity and the quality of their diplomas, the Grandes Ecoles in France are characterized by their diversity and their specializations.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the different types of Grande Ecole in France:

  1. business school
  2. Architecture schools
  3. Engineering schools
  4. Interior architecture school
  5. art schools
  6. Audiovisual schools
  7. Informatic school
  8. film school
  9. Communication schools
  10. accounting school
  11. Law School
  12. Journalism schools
  13. School 3d animation
  14. art and digital school
  15. International business school
  16. digital communication school
  17. Visual communication schools
  18. Aeronautical school
  19. Agronomy schools
  20. insurance school
  21. cooking school
  22. Design schools
  23. school of dietetics
  24. Finance schools
  25. Gendarmerie school
  26. School of management
  27. video game schools
  28. Language school
  29. Management schools
  30. marketing school
  31. luxury marketing school
  32. fashion schools
  33. Music school
  34. pastry school
  35. Photography schools
  36. police academy
  37. school of psychology
  38. HR schools
  39. health school
  40. sports school
  41. Styling schools
  42. School of tourism
  43. School of Fine Arts
  44. Multimedia schools
  45. Hotel School
  46. Aeronautical engineering school
  47. Aerospace engineering schools
  48. Great art schools
  49. Great school of engineers
  50. Great business school.

Thus, we recommend that you contact the school of your choice for more details on their prices and their selection criteria.

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