The 15 new scholarships for foreign students in Italy in 2023-2024

We offer you to explore all new scholarships for foreign students in Italy for the 2023-2024 academic year.

So, in this article, foreign students can find all new popular available and free scholarships in Italy .

Indeed, getting a scholarship in Italy is the best way to finance your higher education in Italy after the BAC or after obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

If you are awarded an Italian scholarship, you can partially or fully fund your university studies in Italy .

This will allow you to study for free in Italy.

And, to help you in finding the free and available scholarships for foreign students in Italy, we have classified the list of new offers according to the date of publication of the scholarship.

As an example, we suggest you look at the following scholarships for foreign students in Italy:

  1. The University of Milan Excellence Scholarships .
  2. Luiss Guido Carli Scholarships .
  3. UNINT University Scholarships .
  4. Luigia Tincani Association scholarships .
  5. Scholarships from the Lombardy Region .
  6. DISCO Lazio Scholarships .
  7. Merit Scholarships at Polytechnic of Milan .
  8. Padua International Excellence Scholarships .

You can see the list of all new scholarship offers in Italy which are intended for EU and foreign students.

Nouvelles bourses pour étudiants étrangers en Italie

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