The best 3809 Scholarships in Europe in 2023-2024

We offer you to explore all the best scholarships in Europe for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Indeed, European and foreign international students can apply for and obtain a scholarship in Europe from the best European universities .

This is the easiest way to partially or totally finance your higher education abroad in Europe.

Thus, you can study for free abroad and more precisely in Europe.

Luckily for you, almost all European countries offer EU scholarships for EU and international students.

Indeed, companies, foundations and universities in Europe award hundreds of free scholarships to European and international students every year to study in Europe for free.

To help you, we have grouped together the scholarships available in Europe in 9 countries for you.

Thus, you will find the scholarships as follows:

  • The full scholarships by country.
  • The best scholarships by country.
  • And, the new scholarships by country.

The countries are:

Let’s go.

The best 3809 Scholarships in Europe in 2023-2024

Before listing the European stock exchanges, it is better to know the following information:

First, we are going to show you links to see the best European scholarships available.

Next, we will show you a list of popular European stock exchanges.

1. Top EU scholarships available by country:

In Sweden :

In Germany :

In England :

In Swiss :

In Italy :

In Spain :

In Turkey :

In Belgium :

In France :

2. The list of new scholarships available in Europe:

Discover the most popular EU scholarships intended for EU students and foreigners.

  1. The 60 Scholarships at University of Liverpool in UK .
  2. The 484 Scholarships at Cambridge University in UK .
  3. The 124 Scholarships at Oxford University in UK .
  4. The 130 ARES scholarships in Belgium .
  5. The 10 Master Mind Scholarships in Belgium .
  6. The 13 Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programs in France .
  7. The 40 scholarships from the Fondation des Sciences Mathématiques de Paris .
  8. The 10 University of Geneva excellence scholarships in Switzerland .
  9. The 12 Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships .
  10. The 33 Türkiye Bursları Scholarships in Turkey .
  11. The 33 Scholarships at Koç University in Turkey .
  12. The 191 DAAD Scholarships in Germany .
  13. The 48 World Bank Scholarships .
  14. Facebook’s 21 Scholarships .
  15. Google’s 2600 Scholarships .


Now, we have rounded up the best scholarships in Europe available and free for European and foreign students.

Also, to improve your financial situation, you can consider doing online student jobs .

In addition to European scholarships, you can also get an idea of ​​the ordinary steps to study abroad such as:

Good luck with your further studies.

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