Jean d’Alembert University Paris-Saclay Scholarships 2022

Jean d’Alembert Paris-Saclay University Scholarships 2022

Discover the Jean d’Alembert Université Paris-Saclay scholarships in France for the academic year 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

Find all the requirements and conditions to be able to apply for this scholarship in France.

Indeed, you must meet the requirements requested by the organization to be able to benefit from this scholarship.

Thus, in this scholarship in France for the year 2021, we invite you to discover:

  • Target countries.
  • Target groups.
  • The name of the scholarship.
  • The organization offering this scholarship.
  • The academic year of the scholarship.
  • The country of the scholarship.
  • Target study levels.
  • The study specialties of this scholarship.
  • The amount of the scholarship.
  • The deadline to apply for this scholarship.
  • The description and presentation of the scholarship.
  • How to apply for the scholarship.
  • The link to apply for the scholarship.
  • The official link of the organization offering the scholarship.
  • Other information if it exists.

Indeed, scholarships are the best way to  study abroad .

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Discover all the information and requirements to apply for this scholarship.

Target group of the scholarship:

  • Target Countries: All countries
  • Group: All groups

The organization offering the scholarship:

  • Scholarship Name: Jean L’Alembert Scholarships
  • Organization: Paris-Saclay University

Scholarship data:

  • Year of scholarship: 2021
  • Country: France
  • Organization: Paris-Saclay University
  • Level of study: Doctorate
  • Scholarship specialty: Management, Finance, Human and Social Sciences, Medical Sciences, All specialties
  • Amount of the scholarship: 2800€ / month
  • Deadline to Apply: May 28, 2021

Description of the scholarship:

The University of Paris-Saclay wishes to allow highly qualified foreign scientists to carry out long-term stays (from six to twelve months) in one of the laboratories within its perimeter.

Scientists from all disciplines and all countries are eligible.

The content of the project to be developed as well as the duration of the scholarship must be defined before the application in connection with the host laboratory of the University of Paris-Saclay.

Two different programs are offered:

  • The “young researcher” program, for candidates who obtained their doctoral degree less than ten years ago;
  • The “confirmed researcher” program, for candidates who have obtained their doctoral degree for ten years or more.

For both programmes, the stay of six to twelve months can be divided into several periods, separated by a maximum of 18 months between the start of the first period and the end of the last.

The last period must end no later than December 31, 2023.

In any case, the contract binding each winner with the University of Paris-Saclay will be signed before December 31, 2021.

The scholarship awarded includes:

  • A monthly remuneration of €2,800 net, paid to the beneficiary during the periods of stay at the University of Paris-Saclay by means of an employment contract;
  • A budget of 10k€ intended to cover a contribution to expenses related to the beneficiary’s research activities in the host laboratory of the University of Paris-Saclay. Only operating expenses are eligible, personnel expenses are excluded.


  1. Doctor’s degree (PhD) or equivalent, obtained less than ten years ago at the time of application for the “young researchers” program.
  2. The candidate must have been recruited for a position as a researcher, engineer or teacher-researcher in the home institution (Tenure track possible).
  3. Applicants who have resided in France for more than six months at the time of application are not eligible.
  4. French citizens can apply for the program, provided that their usual place of residence and work has been abroad for at least five years.

How to apply for the scholarship?

Before applying for a scholarship, you must first prepare your CV and cover letter.

Indeed, any scholarship file must include these two essential documents.

To help you prepare your CV and cover letter, we suggest that you read these two articles:

To apply for these scholarships, please apply via the link below.

Link to follow

File to provide

  1. A complete CV including a list of publications,
  2. Letters of recommendation, preferably from outside the perimeter of Université Paris-Saclay,
  3. A research project and possibly a training program or seminars, developed jointly with the host laboratory,
  4. A letter of support from the director of the host laboratory, who undertakes to fully integrate the candidate into the laboratory.

For the purposes of the selection stage, it is preferable to indicate the graduate school/institute to which the project is attached.

Other Information:

Candidates are selected solely on the basis of the quality of the scientific file and the proposed project.

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