National Library of France scholarships in France in 2021

National Library of France scholarships 2021-2022

Discover the National Library of France scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Find all the requirements and conditions to be able to apply for this scholarship in France.

Indeed, you must meet the requirements requested by the organization to be able to benefit from this scholarship.

Thus, in this scholarship in France for the year 2021, we invite you to discover:

  • Target countries.
  • Target groups.
  • The name of the scholarship.
  • The organization offering this scholarship.
  • The academic year of the scholarship.
  • The country of the scholarship.
  • Target study levels.
  • The study specialties of this scholarship.
  • The amount of the scholarship.
  • The deadline to apply for this scholarship.
  • The description and presentation of the scholarship.
  • How to apply for the scholarship.
  • The link to apply for the scholarship.
  • The official link of the organization offering the scholarship.
  • Other information if it exists.

Target group of the scholarship:

  • Target Countries: All countries
  • Group: All groups

The organization offering the scholarship:

  • Name of scholarship: National Library of France scholarships
  • Organization: National Library of France

Scholarship data:

  • Year of scholarship: 2021
  • Country: France
  • Organization: National Library of France
  • Level of study: Doctorate
  • Scholarship specialty: Art, History
  • Grant amount: €10,000
  • Deadline to Apply: April 26, 2021

Description of the scholarship:

The National Library of France publishes each year a call for researchers in order to join the competition of young researchers for the purposes of study and enhancement of its collections, in priority those unpublished, unknown or insufficiently described.

Among the researchers likely to be hosted, students in higher music education cycles and active musicians who have completed one of these cycles can benefit from the special status of associate musician-researcher.

The status of associate researcher offers reception and support in a department of the BnF, with easy access to the collections.

How to apply for the scholarship?

Candidates wishing to respond to the call for researchers are invited to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the “Fill in the form” section to create an account on the SciencesConf or HAL platform and fill in the registration form.
  2. Click on the “Submit a research project” section and follow the 4 submission steps.
  • In step 2, you will be asked to choose an affiliation from the CCSD repository, select the “BnF” affiliation if you do not have one, and the “Ministry of Culture” guardianship.
  • At step 3: “File(s)”, the following documents must be uploaded as a single .pdf file:
    • Detailed curriculum vitae
    • Description in French of the research project specifying objectives, methods, stages, expected results, theoretical importance of these results (5 pages maximum)
    • Envisaged valuation of the research project, in particular for candidates for the Louis Roederer scholarship for photography (2 pages maximum)
    • The candidate can attach a list of publications, interventions, achievements related to his research activity
    • The candidate can enclose one or two letters of recommendation from scientific personalities.

Other Information:

Applicants wishing to respond to the call for researchers are invited to consult  the Rules of the BnF call for researchers  before compiling an application file.

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