Sciences Po scholarships in France in 2021

Sciences Po scholarships in France 2021-2022

Discover the Sciences Po scholarships in France for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Find all the requirements and conditions to be able to apply for this scholarship in France.

Indeed, you must meet the requirements requested by the organization to be able to benefit from this scholarship.

Thus, in this scholarship in France for the year 2021, we invite you to discover:

  • Target countries.
  • Target groups.
  • The name of the scholarship.
  • The organization offering this scholarship.
  • The academic year of the scholarship.
  • The country of the scholarship.
  • Target study levels.
  • The study specialties of this scholarship.
  • The amount of the scholarship.
  • The deadline to apply for this scholarship.
  • The description and presentation of the scholarship.
  • How to apply for the scholarship.
  • The link to apply for the scholarship.
  • The official link of the organization offering the scholarship.
  • Other information if it exists.

Target group of the scholarship:

  • Target Countries: All countries
  • Group: All groups

The organization offering the scholarship:

  • Name of scholarship: Aulagnon-Bettan Prize
  • Organization: Sciences Po

Scholarship data:

  • Year of scholarship: 2021
  • Country: France
  • Organization: Sciences Po
  • Level of study: Bachelor’s degree
  • Specialty of the grant: Sciences Po
  • Grant amount: Up to €15,000
  • Deadline to Apply: April 16, 2021

Description of the scholarship:

The Aulagnon-Bettan prize is awarded by the MAB Finances and rewards Sciences Po undergraduate students for their commitment to promoting and improving society through education.

Three prizes of €7,000 and €5,000 and €3,000 are awarded to the winners. Exceptionally, a prize of €15,000 may be awarded.

The selection criteria take into account:

  • Academic results of the candidate at the end of the first semester at Sciences Po;
  • Candidate’s academic record;
  • Individual Achievement;
  • Actions that demonstrate a commitment to the advancement and improvement of society through education.


How to apply for the scholarship?

To apply for this program, students must enroll in the undergraduate program of the university.

Please apply via the link below.

Other Information:

candidates who have obtained their baccalaureate or equivalent foreign diploma within the 12 months preceding the sending of their application may be allowed to apply.

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