The 6 steps to study abroad for masters for free in 2023

We are going to go through the steps to study abroad for masters for free for all foreign and international students.

All foreign students can go to study master’s degree abroad without paying university prices for master’s degree .

For this, there is only one main solution.

Foreign students must obtain a scholarship for a master’s degree in order to be able to study abroad free of charge after a bachelor’s degree.

Fortunately, every year hundreds or thousands of masters scholarships are awarded to international students.

However, you have to comply with formalities to apply for a scholarship and obtain a master’s scholarship.

So, in addition to the formalities for university registration, you must begin the formalities for applying for a master’s scholarship.

Generally, foreign students must apply for master’s scholarships before or immediately after applying to the university offering the scholarship.

In addition, all applications for master’s scholarships are sent online via a platform or rarely via email.

To summarize, if you obtain an admission in master in a university and you also obtain a scholarship in master in this university (from this university or from an external organization), you can go to study abroad for free in master.

Let’s go.

6 Steps to Study Abroad for Masters for Free 2023

Generally, to finance your university studies with scholarships and to study after a license abroad for free, there are two options.

  • The first is to get a master’s scholarship from the university you have chosen to study.
  • The second is to win an external master’s scholarship to pay the fees of the university you have chosen.

So the two processes are a bit different, but look alike.

So, in general, to study abroad for free after a bachelor’s degree, you usually need to follow the following steps:

  1. Look for scholarships for a master’s degree (university or other).
  2. Send a request for registration in ordinary master.
  3. Apply for Masters Scholarships .
  4. Obtain a master’s scholarship .
  5. Obtain admission into the university for a master’s degree .
  6. Finalize your university registration for a master’s degree .

The details.

1. Look for scholarships for masters (university or others).

First, you need to look for masters scholarships  that are meant for international students.

Luckily for you, governments, universities, corporations, and foundations offer thousands of masters scholarships  for students every year.

So, you just have to search and find the available masters scholarships that interest you.

You should first look for the Fully Funded Scholarships to fully fund masters study abroad.

Then you can see the:

2. Send an application for registration in an ordinary master’s degree.

Secondly, to study after a bachelor’s degree abroad for free, you generally have to apply for a master’s degree at a university.

You can have more information on university registrations for masters :

First case: the targeted university is the one offering the scholarship.

You must send your master’s registration request and send your master’s scholarship request almost simultaneously.

Second case: the scholarship is offered by an external body.

You must send your master’s registration request and send your master’s scholarship request separately.

In general, you must send your registration request before sending a master’s registration request .

3. Apply for masters scholarships.

Thirdly, you must apply for a masters scholarship.

Thus, you must apply online for a master’s scholarship.

You must apply for the online masters scholarships via email or a special platform dedicated by the university or company or foundation.

4. Get a master’s scholarship.

Fourthly, to study abroad for a master’s degree for free, you must obtain a master’s scholarship .

For this you must:

  • Meet the scholarship requirements.
  • Pass the selection tests.
  • Get ahead of other candidates.

5. Get admission into the university for masters.

Fifthly, to study masters abroad for free, you need to get admission in a university for masters .

It is a mandatory condition to win a master’s scholarship.

To achieve this, you must:

  • Take skills tests.
  • Take language tests.
  • Succeed in individual interviews.
  • All other types of selection.

6. Finalize your master’s university registration.

Finally, you must finalize your registration at the university for a master’s degree.

First case: the targeted university is the one offering the scholarship.

If you have been admitted to a master’s degree at the university and obtained a scholarship for a master’s degree, you can finalize your registration for a master’s degree.

Thus, you can go and study for a master’s degree abroad for free in the university of your choice.

Second case: the scholarship is offered by an external body.

If you have been admitted to the university for a master’s degree and you have obtained a scholarship for a master’s degree from an external body, you can finalize your registration.

Two cases arise:

1. You receive the amount of the master’s scholarship and you pay the cost of master’s studies at the university.

2. The organization offering the master’s scholarship must directly pay the cost of master’s studies at the university

Thus, you can study for a free master’s degree abroad at the university of your choice.

In addition to the above, if you cannot find a scholarship for masters, you can study abroad for masters  through ordinary formalities.

We suggest you know the fees of universities in masters abroad :


Summing up, we have presented for you (an international student) the 6 standard global processes to study abroad for masters for free  in 2023.

Normally, you now have a general idea of ​​the steps to follow to do higher education in master’s degree abroad for free without paying registration fees and/or tuition fees.

Also, to improve your financial situation, you can consider doing online student jobs .

Good luck with your further studies.

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