The top 11 Scholarships in France for international students in 2022 – All informations !

We invite you to find and discover the top 11 Scholarships in France for international students in 2022 !

Indeed, each year, universities in France, international foundations and government organizations offer to foreign students hundreds of free scholarships in France.

Moreover, there are the main organizations that can offer free scholarships to study in France for foreign students in 2022 :

These French scholarships can cover the entire cost of studying in France or at least a good part of the tuition fees in France universities.

In addition, if you are planning to go to study in France , we recommend that you first check the availability of scholarships for students .

Thanks to financial aid in France and free scholarships in France , you can study for free in France and benefit from a significant reduction in study fees.

Moreover, free scholarships in France can cover certain expenses, namely:

  • The costs of studies in universities in France.
  • Some or all of the accommodation costs.
  • Part or all of living expenses in France.
  • The cost of books and tools necessary for your studies.
  • etc …

Indeed, you must know all the best French scholarships before applying for a scholarship in France .

So, if you want to know how to get a free scholarship for France , we invite you to discover in this article the best scholarships available for France in 2022 for foreign students.

Top 11 Scholarships in France for international students in 2022

We will present to you in this part, the 11 best scholarships in France in 2022 for international and foreign students wishing to study in France.

Moreover, you should note that we regularly follow the appearance of these new scholarships in France .

By the way, if you find that the scholarship date led by the link, then, we will put the new scholarship as soon as it is officially opened.

So, here is the list of the best scholarships in France for the year 2022 :

  1. Campus France EIFFEL Excellence Scholarship Program
  2. Scholarships “Bienvenue en France”
  3. The Emile Boutmy scholarships
  4. SOPHIE GERMAIN scholarships
  5. Institut Mines-Télécom scholarships
  6. Talent Rennes School of Business scholarships
  7. HEC Paris Doctoral scholarships
  8. Unframed scholarships
  9. Solidarity Fund scholarships
  10. Excellence scholarships Montpellier Business School
  11. HEC Foundation Excellence Grants


So, to conclude our post, we have presented for you the 11 Scholarships in France for international students in 2022.

Indeed, these French scholarships presented in this article are considered to be among the best free scholarships in France .

Each year, these universities and organizations offer hundreds of free scholarship positions in France for foreign students.

These French scholarships allow international students to study in France in the best conditions.

Also, note that these scholarships have a start date and an end date.

Even if you find that a scholarship has ended, we will regularly update these scholarships as they appear on their official sites.

So, do not hesitate to visit our website regularly and to subscribe to our Newsletter to receive the latest scholarships available in France .

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